Building Fund

The Alliance has operated from our building, Maison de France in Turner since 1973 when it was officially opened by former Prime Minister Gough Whitlam. It is the French corner in Canberra where people of all ages come to learn the French language and link up with French and Francophone cultures in an enjoyable and stimulating atmosphere.

To provide quality experiences and services to our students, members and staff, we wish to ensure our building is an inviting place to learn and socialise.

This year, with your contribution we are refurbishing our kitchen as well as our front office. We are very excited to welcome you in a brand new environment.  

Thanks to previous donations to the building fund we were able to:

  • Refurbish our library in April 2022.





  • Install new blinds in classrooms in early 2021.

Your generous contribution is tax deductible.

Individuals donations

Donations to the fund will ensure our building is an inviting place to learn and socialise. 

Donate $25 Donate $25

Donate $150 Donate $150
Donate $500 Donate $500

Corporate donations

Donations to the fund will enable the Alliance to maintain its strength and continue to offer high quality service in a 21stcentury building

In addition to its program of donations the Trust Account is offering a limited number of Sponsorship opportunities:

  • Platinum Sponsor: 1 at $50,000
  • Gold Sponsors: 3 at $20,000
  • Silver Sponsors: 5 at $10,000
  • Bronze Sponsors: 10 at $1,000

Sponsors will receive particular acknowledgement in the building, on the Alliance Website and at its events.

If you are interested in a sponsorship please contact: or a Trustee