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Counting, alphabet, singing, dancing, fairytales games and crafts with teachers who are native French speakers! The “Kindy” courses are based innovative French teaching methods that make learning enjoyable through various teaching tools and active participation!

What your children will learn:

  • I can name the months of the year
  • I can talk about my vacation
  • I can say what I am going to do
  • I can compare
  • I can count to 20
  • I can express my feelings
  • I can identify and name pets
  • I can talk about what pets eat
  • I can talk about how pets move

10 hours over 10 weeks

Only 1 course available for this selection

Kindy 2

Product Code: 2019T2KIN2TUE415515 2019

Age Group Young Learners
Type Kindy
Session 2019 - AUTUMN SESSION
Pace 1 hours per week over 10 weeks
Level Kindy 2 - Term 2
Schedules 30 Apr 2019 to 02 Jul 2019
  • Tuesday - 4:15pm to 5:15pm at AF Canberra > Room 4 (Léa Vernet)
A valid registration fee is required in order to enroll in this course

In this class, your child starts by warming up with articulation and pronunciation activities. Then, they do activities that enhance their development and intellectual skills. They develop coordination, concentration and cooperation skills. They learn French having fun while expanding their self-motivation, self-discipline, self-discovery and socialization. Finally, they finish the class relaxing with some quiet time and breathing exercises.

Your child will:

Week 1: Review how to introduce themselves with various activities.

Week 2: Learn about basic anatomy, build a skeleton and customize it.

Week 3: Practise saying what activities they do each day of the week.

Week 4: Discover the months and say what is the weather like.

Week 5: Speak about their family and professions, role-play and disguise themselves.

Week 6: Try some food samples to discover different tastes and say if they like it or not.
It’s important to fill in the parental form for allergies here :

Week 7: Learn about foods, follow a recipe and bake muffins.

Week 8: Talk about nature, discover how plants grow and take care of their own little garden.

Week 9: Speak about their feelings.

Week 10: Learn the transportation means, practise the directions and discover the world with a treasure hunt .

$255.00 AUD
Approx $175.64 USD

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