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Grammar is coming and our clinic is open! We are here to help you master all the basis of French Grammar. All the wounds inflicted by «être» and «avoir», prepositions and other difficulties shall be healed.

    If enrolments are too small we may, within three weeks of your course commencing, cancel it or combine it with another. Alternatively, we may offer you a reduced number of hours for the same fee, or the same number of hours for an increased fee, using our private group rate as a guide. If we cancel your course or you do not wish to change the hours or the fee, you may request a transfer to another class, a credit note or full refund of your paid fees. See Terms and Conditions 4.3.

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    Grammar Clinic (Beginner)

    Product Code: 2019T3ZOOMGRAMMBEGTHU68B 2019

    Age Group Adults
    Type Zoom In
    Session 2019 - WINTER SESSION
    Pace 2 hours over 5 weeks
    Level Grammar Clinic (Beginner)
    Schedules 29 Aug 2019 to 26 Sep 2019
    • Thursday - 6:00pm to 8:00pm at AF Canberra (Contact)
    A valid membership is required in order to enroll in this course
    Autumn session is the perfect time to start learning French through essential grammar:

    Part A:

    • Introducing things and people with numbers and definite or indefinite articles;
    • Identifying a noun's gender and number; using the plural form of nouns;
    • Conjugating in the present tense with -ER ending verbs, ETRE and AVOIR;
    • Describing words with adjectives and their correct gender and number;
    • Conjugating in the present tenses with irregular verbs;

    Part B:

    • Using the contraction of the articles and the partitive articles;
    • Locating places;
    • Conjugating in the present tense with pronominal verbs and the negation;
    • Introducing things and people with the possessive and demonstrative adjectives;
    • Speaking about past and future events as well as events in progress with the present conjugations;

    $210.00 AUD
    Approx $145.95 USD

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