Les Podcasts de l'Alliance

"Comme à la radio" is a list of shorts podcasts recorded with the students of the Alliance Française de Canberra. 

The aim of this project is to enhance our students and encourage them to speak in French in an informal setting, in order to practice their pronunciation and oral.
The "podcast" format is perfect to discover them, and learn about their personality but also about the French Culture.

How ?
The idea of these podcasts is based on the famous "portrait chinois": we asked 5 questions to better know our students and what they think about France and the French Culture.

Do you want to participate ?
The podcasts are open to all the students of the Alliance, it's free, it's the perfect opportunity to practice your French oral in an intimate setting.
Just let us know at the front desk, we will send you the questions so you can prepare the answers, and we will arrange a meeting to record you ! Don't be shy, we love hearing from you ! 

Listen to all the podcasts from the Alliance Française on our Soundcloud page HERE

Episode 1 : Damian
Episode 2 : Jacob et Zong
Episode 3 : Arina
Episode 4 :  David, Zenta, Isabel, Elisabeth, Sophie

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