"Stepping into a game of light" an exhibition by Herman Kwok-Hung Lee

"Stepping into a game of light" an exhibition by Herman Kwok-Hung Lee

The Alliance Française de Canberra is delighted to present Stepping into a game of light from Friday 21 June to 12 July!

The series of photographs represents a celebration of the various events of which comprise the Olympic Games.

Friday 21 June to Friday 12 July 2024
Alliance Française opening hours
Free exhibition
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Exhibition overview

Making use of his older cameras as models, Herman has stylishly recreated images of sporting events in an abstract and surreal, yet striking manner, capturing the sensation of speed and the brief but stunning aspect of light that is so often a feature of sports. Each photograph is meticulously prepared and calibrated to best represent a sport or aspect of the Games. In keeping with the Olympic Spirit, the photos serve to remind one about how even the smallest fragment of light can transform an otherwise unremarkable object into an icon of glory and peace.

The exhibition is an homage to the friendship and camaraderie which the Games are built upon. They exemplify the competitive, yet sportsmanlike attitude of the athletes who all strive for excellence and glory in the Games.

About the artist

Herman Kwok-Hung Lee is an international artist, arts & culture author, and professional photographer who currently resides in Sydney, Australia. He is an esteemed member of the Royal Photographic Society, as well as the holder of numerous awards in both photography and floristry, drawing inspiration from nature as his muse. He is also the creator of the Gold Award winning floral art photography book, Golden Wind.

With the upcoming Paris Olympic Games, Herman has drawn from his extensive knowledge of light and shadow to bring out a fitting tribute.

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