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              SUMMER INTENSIVE :  07/01/2019 - 25/01/2019                
     TERM 1:  04/02/2019 - 13/04/2019        TERM 2: 29/04/2019 - 06/07/2019
    TERM 3: 22/07/2019 - 28/09/2019         TERM 4: 14/10/2019 - 21/12/2019

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Cinéma class (Intermediate)

Product Code: 2019T1WORCINECLASSINTWED68 2019

Age Group Adults
Type Workshops
Session 2019 - TERM 1
Pace 2 hours per week over 10 weeks
Level Ciné class (Intermediate)
Schedules 05 Feb 2019 to 10 Apr 2019
  • Wednesday - 6:00pm to 8:00pm at AF Canberra > Room 2 (Stephanie Pouliquin)
A valid membership is required in order to enroll in this course

Through extracts of French and francophone feature films and short films, you will learn and practice french.

The topics will include :
- Family (with films like Tanguy, la Famille Bélier, La vie est un long Fleuve tranquille)
- Hobbies (with films like Les enfants du marais, La tête en friche ...)
- Holidays(with films like La gloire de mon père, Week end, Les Bronzés ...)
- Workplace (with films like Stupeurs et Tremblements, La vie rêvée des anges ...)
- Biography (with films like Coco avant Chanel, Yves Saint Laurent, Camille Claudel ...)

Each term, you will discover and work on different materials.

$328.00 AUD
Approx $234.95 USD

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