french for beginners

If you've never learned French before, you’ve come to the right place!
On this page you’ll fine all our courses for beginners. Choose the right option for you depending on your objectives, time schedule and needs! 


Our Combo course combines a weekly 3h virtual class with individual online exercises to do in your own time.

Who for? Those who want to make fast progress
How much? $750 for the Term (10 weeks)
How many available classes?
1 group in person at the Alliance on Monday: click HERE
1 group in class and online on Saturday: click HERE

Easy Ride

Our standard class offering: a weekly 2-hour virtual class delivered in a mixed format of group lesson, small group work and online exercises. 

Who for? Everyone!
How much? $410 for the Term (10 weeks)
How many available classes?
2 groups of Discover 1 in person: click HERE to find out more!
2 groups online: click HERE

Le Club

Our new fully customisable package for private groups.

Who for?
Those who have specific objectives and wish to work on them in a small group format
How much? $500/person for the 10-hour package, $900/person for the 20-hour package
Different beginner groups? Contact our friendly reception staff at to be put into a small group with 2-4 other beginners, or bring together your own group of friends or colleagues. Check out LE CLUB PAGE to find out more. 

Private tuition

Our most tailor-made solution is private tuition: a one-on-one lesson (30/60/90 minutes depending on your needs).

Who for? Those who have specific objectives to achieve or who need to make fast progress with personalised tuition.
How much? $90/h for a pack of 10x1 hour lessons. Price reduces as more hours are bought: $76/h for a 20h package
Different beginner groups? Check the PRIVATE TUITIONS PAGE to find out more!

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