Self-care & the art of well-being, an exhibition by Marie Barincou

Self-care & the art of well-being, an exhibition by Marie Barincou
Friday 5th of November - Friday 10th of December

Opening Night: 5th of November, 6:00pm-8:00pm
Poetry reading by Stéphanie Pouliquin: Poetry as a way to express the deeper meaning of life and heal

This body of work aims to reflect the way we care for people, cradling the emotions of those around us and acknowledging that we all encounter difficulties and challenges in life.  Often we put others first, at other times we need to focus on our own self-care.  As we carry the emotional load of those we love, we need to find a place to release our own feelings, see them transform, and transfigure our shared identity.  

These series of paintings were initially created when Marie Barincou offered self-care workshops to healthcare workers at the Canberra Hospital.  After each encounter, Barincou would engage in her own self-care through painting a representation of her own feelings.  She then offered her work to hospital’s staff.  They felt moved by her attunement to their circumstances.  

Subsequently, Arts in Health commissioned Barincou to create uplifting pictures to enliven the newly refurbished oncology ward.  Here, Marie Barincou showcases some of her research and preparatory paintings for this project.  Next month, the enlarged and gilded archival prints of the Journey’s series will be on permanent display at the Canberra Hospital’s Oncology Ward.  

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Marie Barincou, AThR, is a French-Australian multimodal artist and creative arts therapist.  She graduated with a Master of Fine Arts, in France, and a Master of Arts Therapy, in Australia.  Marie has a passion for human development and particularly values self-care practices.  She offers individual art therapy sessions and facilitates arts-based community engagement projects that allow relationships to unfold and deepen.  She strongly believes that together we create a better world. 

Stéphanie Pouliquin is a teacher at Alliance Française Canberra. She studied art history and currently teaches French cinema and literature at AF. Stéphanie Pouliquin is French-Australian , teacher of French at Alliance française of Canberra since 2003. She lived in Germany and Italy before moving to Australia in 2001. She studied the history of art and languages in Montpellier. She has a passionate interest in philosophy and literature and how they can contribute to improving our daily life and well-being.