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Get Fluent

Get Fluent French is a language app available exclusively for students who attend a group class at the Alliance Française, available in addition to your course. After each lesson, new exercises following the content and rhythm of your class - including a large selection of audio exercises - are released into the app.

Each practice session combines new content with older material, so that you never forget what you learn: that’s dozens of extra exercises available forever on your Smartphone, computer or tablet to complement your course.

One purchase of Get Fluent will give you access to exercises synched with one course at the Alliance Française (i.e. 1 Get Fluent subscription = 1 level). If you already have content accessible on your Get Fluent account from a previous course, you can purchase the content matching your next course and practice both revision and new material throughout and after the term. Once purchased, all content on your Get Fluent is accessible forever.

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Available from A1.1 to B1.10.