Concise French dictionary

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The Collins Robert Concise French Dictionary is designed for students and professionals using French in the course of their work. The Collins Concise French Dictionary uses Collins' unique multi-million word databases of French and English to ensure that the user has the most complete and accurate picture of real language available today.

∗Updated with thousands of new words and phrases from a wide range of fields, including technology, media and the environment.

∗Contains in-depth treatment of complex words such as do, make, avoir, faire, aller. Practical tips on spoken and written French, including new features on spelling pitfalls make this the ideal dictionary for intermediate and   advanced learners.

∗New colour layout, with virtual thumb tabs makes it easier than ever to find the words you are looking for quickly and easily.

∗Revised supplement giving encyclopaediastyle information on famous historical people from the French-speaking world, now with timeline, giving you the background information you need to understand French culture.

∗Revised real-world communication supplement, now with additional material on internet shopping and banking.