The Dining Club

The Dining Club

Become a member of the Alliance Française Dining Club and enjoy exclusive French dining experiences in Canberra! 

Join us for 4 dates, 4 restaurants and a number of social events during the year!

These meals are especially created for the group: aperitifs, matching wines, courses. Each date will be an opportunity to meet the chef who prepared your meal as they personally present the menu to you. The Dining club is an exclusive and exceptional experience that will give you insights into French wine, cuisine history and culture and will allow you to receive foodies diary of upcoming events: wine tastings, truffles, cooking demonstrations. 

Note that non French-speakers as well as French-speakers are welcomed to join the Club.

Step 1:
Get your Dining Club membership!  (Mandatory to attend the dinners)
Please note that Dining Club memberships are not refundable. A membership gives you access to four dinners, so don't worry if you can't make it to one dinner!  

Membership AF members
Membership AF members $85
Membership non-members
Membership non-members $100

Step2: Book your dinners!

1st Dinner

May 6th 2022
Cheffed by Ondine
 7 Duff Pl, Deakin ACT


2nd Dinner

July 15th 
Cheffed by Le Très Bon
 40 Malbon St, Bungendore NSW 2621


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