French Diplomas - DELF & DALF

The Diplôme d’Etudes en Langue Française (DELF) is an official French proficiency diploma administered by the French government and the French ministry of education.

Why take the DELF exam ? 

Recognised in 165 countries,The DELF Prim and Junior exams, as well as the Baccalauréat and the Brevet, are official French certifications administered by the French Ministry of Education.

No prior test or certification is needed; you can apply for several levels during the same session… and your results are valid for life! The Alliance Française de Canberra is the only exam centre approved by the French government in the ACT to deliver and present these exams recognised everywhere in the world.

Click HERE to download the pdf description of the DELF and DALF levels and examinations.

What diplomas should I take?

The 6 DELF and DALF diplomas are independent from one another, so you can take the examination of your choice. You can also sit the examination for a number of diplomas during the same examination session. If you are studying at Alliance or not,  please refer to the level and examinations description HERE in order to decide which exam level you should sit for.

If you are not studying with us and if you are unsure of the level you should take our online placement test to start with and we will contact you to advise you of your level.

If you have any questions on your level, please contact or call us on 6257 6696.

How do I enrol to sit for the DELF examination?

1. Download  the pdf REGISTRATION-FORM-DELF-DALF-2017.pdf (142.0 KB)print it and fill it in VERY CLEARLY in capital letters - please note that the information that you provide on your form will appear on your diploma. We do not re-issue diplomas, therefore it is your responsability to provide correct and easily readable details!

2. Email
your completed enrolment by the deadline with your payment.
DELF PRIM is for children aged up from 7 to 12 years old, beginners in French.
DELF JUNIOR is for teenagers aged 12-17 years old and young French citizens schooled in a local institution.

3. Pay online for your chosen exam.
When you pay online, please add a comment to specify the name of your child.


- $120   
- $120     
- $120

- $135
- $135
DELF B1 - $160
- $160  

Description of the tests
Sample of tests in DELF Prim A1

2017 Exam sessions

DELF JUNIOR, for teenagers aged 12-17 years old and young French citizens schooled in a local institution.

DELF JUNIOR - Collective examsJune session
A1Tuesday 6th
A2Wednesday 7th
B1Thursday 8th
B2Friday 9th

Opening of registration: Monday 1st May 2017
Registration deadline: Monday 22nd May 2017

DELF JUNIOR - Collective exams    October session
A1Monday 23th
A2Tuesday 24th
B1Wednesday 25th
B2Thursday 26th

Opening of registration: Monday 25th September 2017
Registration deadline: Monday 9th October 2017

DELF PRIM, for children aged up from 7 to 12 years old, beginners in French.

DELF PRIM - Collective examsMay session
A1.1Tuesday 2nd
A1Wednesday 3rd
A2Thursday 4th

Opening of registration: Monday 27th February 2017
Registration deadline: Monday 10th April 2017

DELF PRIM - Collective examsOctober session
A1.1Tuesday 17th
A1Wednesday 18th
A2Thursday 19th

Opening of registration: Monday 28th August 2017
Registration deadline: Monday 25th September 2017

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