Enrolment process & calendar

The Concours George Vincent, is a French Language competition that involves French learners from ALL LEVELS in the ACT enrolled in years 8 till 12 and is opened to all levels.

Please make sure to read the Exam rules, available in both French and English before enrolling your students.

Here are the steps for enrolling your students/class:

STEP 1: Download the Level-GRID-GV-interactive.pdf.

Tick the skills according to your student’s level in French. This grid allows us to know the level of your students such as:

Send back the grid by email to the Competition Coordinator before August 10 2016.

STEP 2: Complete the Enrolment form here to finalise your administrative enrolment.

STEP 3: Payment - the enrolment fees are $12 per student, the Referee teacher is responsible to look after the payment for all the students enrolled. The payment can be processed online or by cheque and bank transfer by contacting our Office Manager.

 2016 Exam Calendar 

Final enrolments due by      11 Aug  2016        

Written tests on                      31 Aug 2016

Written test due back by     2 Sept 2016        

Aural examination period     19-20 Sept  2016   

Award ceremony on              28 Oct 2016

Please feel free to contact Miss Florence Finel the competition coordinator

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