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Come to this  course to enhance your grammar in French! You will work on specific topics, with exercises in context!

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Grammar Boost (Independent)

Product Code: 2020T1ZOOMGRAMMINDTHU68 2020

Age Group Adults
Type Zoom In
Session 2020 - TERM 1
Pace 2 hours per week over 10 weeks
Level Grammar Boost (Independent)
Schedules 06 Feb 2020 to 09 Apr 2020
  • Thursday - 6:00pm to 8:00pm at AF Canberra
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Come to this  course to enhance your French grammar ! You will work on specific topics, with exercises in context to get an independent (B1) up to advanced (B2) level !
In 5 weeks, you will study and practice some of the following objectives :

  • most conjugations including : how to alternate the past tenses ; choosing between indicative and subjunctive moods ; futur simple and future, conditionnal present and past
  • complexe sentences with hypothesis introduced by "si" and choosing the correct tenses
  • linking words for expressinf goals, cause, consequence, concession, opposition, and everything to structure your speaking and writing
  • compound relative pronouns to make more complexe sentences
  • indirect speech in the past and how to change the tenses accordingly when reporting someone else's sentences
  • present participle, and challenging situations when we have to agree the past participle if we use "avoir" as the auxiliary
$410.00 AUD
Approx $277.98 USD

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