Exhibit your work

at our gallery

Alliance Française as a cultural center

As a cultural center, one of our missions is to promote art and cultural exchanges. Therefore, we search for contemporary, innovative, challenging forms, and we encourage French, Francophile and Australian artists to exhibit on our walls.

What you need to be an exhibitor at the Alliance

Nothing! If you’re an artist and you think exhibiting on our walls would benefit you, contact culture @afcanberra.com.au or call us on 02 6257 6696. You will then present your work to the director. If it is approved by our gallery selection committee, we will
organise an exhibition together.

What we offer you

You install your artworks on our walls, we organise the opening and the promotion of the exhibition. You benefit from:


We have two large and beautiful exhibition rooms, and their walls are waiting for your artworks! We are also ideally situated, close to the city and O’Connor shops.


The AFC is increasingly on the map of gallery hunters. We are regularly visited by art critics, and celebrated for the quality of the work we exhibit. Every year, we grant the Alliance Française Exhibition Award to young artists from the ANU, through the Emerging Artists Support Scheme (EASS). This has helped increase our positive image in the artistic milieu.


We will promote the exhibition in our quarterly newsletter, in our monthly e-newsletter (more than 8000 subscribers), on our Facebook page (more than 4000 likes), among our students (more than 500 per term and growing every term) and we will send press releases to various websites, newspapers and radio stations. The exhibition openings we organise usually gathers around 100 people.


Exhibitions of your works can be organised in other Alliances Françaises. There are 100 Alliances in the Pacific region!

The costs and logistics

  • We only take 30% commission on artworks sales. The exhibitor also has to pay the operation cost of $200. If you want us to organise the opening, you will pay for its cost, which is around $400 for 100 people.
  • The day after the opening, we will organise a meeting between the artist or curator and the public, to discuss your work and give more depth to your exhibition on our walls.
  • The Alliance has a general insurance policy but works exhibited in the gallery need to be additionally insured by the exhibitor.
  • The gallery is open Monday 2pm-7:30pm, Tuesday to Thursday 9:30am-7:30pm, and Friday 2pm-5pm.

Artworks from Claire Mackey

Artworks from Olivia Gates

Artworks from Crystal Li