Cultural Resources

Media resources for language instruction may be accessed online! Discover our free online learning resources.


Find on this page resources specially tailored for young learners, from DIY activities in French to songs, recipes, magazines or cartoons.
Let your kids have fun while improving their French!

Kids resources Kids resources

Press and literature

Doesn't matter the type of readings you prefer: news, novels, short stories, ... Anything is good to learn new vocabulary and get familiar with French culture! You will find a broad choice on this page.

Press and literature resources Press and literature resources

Museums and culture

Explore some of the most impressive French museums and have a glimpse of French culture and monuments from the comfort of your home!
(Visiting a museum without queuing is the best...)

Museums and culture resources Museums and culture resources

TV and films

Learning French does not have to be (always) so serious. Watching Francophone movies and series is also a very good way to learn new vocabulary, to improve your oral comprehension skills, and to be more familiar with some famous names of French cinema.

TV and films resources TV and films resources

Music and radio

Too busy to take the time to sit down and relax with a movie or a book? No worries - you can listen to French music and radio podcasts while cooking/driving/having a shower/...! Stay up to date about Francophone world's news and discover French-speaking artists.

Music and radio resources Music and radio resources


Looking for a dictionary, an app, or even a website on which you can find a bit of every type of resources (audio/video documents, games, etc)? Check out this page!

Various resources Various resources

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