Espace nouvelle CalÉDONIE

Thanks to the grant from the New Caledonian government represented by the New Caledonian Delegation in Australia, Alliance Française de Canberra was able to acquire more than 80 different works including novels, children's tales, cartoons and documentaries. 

All these works are presented exclusively in the “New Caledonia” cultural corner of our library which is surrounded by pull-up banners and posters. Students can also access  two tablets where you will be able to download geographical, historical, cultural and touristic information about New Caledonia.

The opening of this cultural and educational space occurred on the 27th of February in the presence of the president of Alliance française de Canberra and 60 guests. The event was then followed by a New Caledonian themed dinner, created by Chef Christophe Gregoire, who studied  New-Caledonian cuisine for three years. The menu was prepared in a way that allowed participants e to have an insight into the culture’s cuisine and gastronomy.

The objective of this new space is not only for members to immerse themselves with the new amazing resources, but also for our teachers, who will regularly use this corner to allow students to discover more about ‘the little piece of France’ close to Australia. Simultaneously, our course coordinator will organize a session focusing on New Caledonia in September.

It is our mission in Alliance française de Canberra to continue promoting cultures from French speaking countries to communities in Canberra and its surroundings.