Young learners have the right to progress with online ressources too!
Find below some ideas of website to help your kid practice French. 
All the images come from the websites, none of the credits belong to the AF.

Bout de gomme

Created by 2 teachers for French school students in elementary school (year 1 to 5), this website offers a wide choice of exercises, challenges and leisure activities. 

Children's Books forever

Read books that have become classics and children's favorites around the world - including French books, of course!

Ecole positive

This website promotes positive teaching and practices. Enjoy plenty of free materials such as workbooks, apps, stories, ...

Hugo l'escargot

A selection of DIY and craft activities, songs, recipes, etc, in French.

Papa positive

Turn on the sound - this website has more than a hundred stories to listen to as a family!


A free TV station especially made for French-speaking children between 3 and 12 years old!

Dargaud le mag

This online magazine might help you to find activities for your children.