TV5 Monde

The best of French TV is available online!

Enjoy your favourite French TV programmes online (subtitled in English and French), anytime, anywhere! Available here. 

TV5MONDE is the world's general entertainment TV network in French. The TV channel available in Australia, TV5MONDE Pacifique, offers content in French language with subtitles in English. It provides viewers with a wide variety of subtitled primetime films & dramas, documentaries, lifestyle shows, live sports events, international news and kids' programmes.

TV5MONDE is also available online at 

Its online platforms (web and apps) allows you to watch your favourite movies and TV programmes in French with subtitles, LIVE or catch-up, anytime, anywhere!

The full service is accessible upon subscription (7.59 AUD/month. It grants you access to the 4 channels available in Australia: TV5MONDE Pacifique - the general entertainment channel, TV5MONDE Style - the French Lifestyle channel, TV5MONDE Info - the 24/7 breaking news stream in French and TiVi5MONDE - the kids' offer. There is also a catch-up TV offer in case you missed your favourite shows!

Enjoy the best of French programming online and join the free 15 days trial period.

For more information about the TV5MONDE online service, please browse the TV5MONDE Asia-Pacific website or click on the following link: