Special General Meeting

Date: 25 May 2022, 5:00pm - 5:30pm (GMT+10:00) Sydney

This election to change legal structure of the Alliance Française of Canberra will take place May 25th, from 5pm at the Alliance Française of Canberra.

Transition to Company Limited by Guarantee - FAQ

The Committee of the Alliance Française de Canberra is proposing to Members that the  Alliance Française de Canberra (AFC) change from an Incorporated Association to a  Company Limited by Guarantee.  

This change has a number of advantages and disadvantages:  


  • Consistent with changes made by Sydney and Melbourne Alliances The Sydney and Melbourne Alliances Française are both companies limited by  guarantee.
  • Will enable the AFC to position itself strongly for the future
    Many non-profit organisations are becoming companies limited by guarantee to  enable them to have better access to finance, stronger governance, and increased  opportunities for sponsorships and partnerships.  
  • Enables AFC to operate interstate
    Becoming a company limited by guarantee will allow the AFC to operate interstate  and to fully serve the region surrounding Canberra with French classes and cultural  events
  • Provides strong and proven accountability mechanisms
    The company structure means that directors and company officers have clear  accountability and reporting mechanisms for managing the company’s business.  


  • Some increased audit and compliance costs per year
    The transition to company limited by guarantee will result in some increased fees  payable to the Australian Securities and Investment Commission
  • Stronger financial reporting requirements
    Public companies must meet the financial reporting requirements of the  Corporations Act, including lodging information with ASIC, and auditing of accounts.  In practice, the AFC already engages an auditor to audit our accounts so this will not  be a significant added burden.  

What it will mean for members:  

  • No changes for most members: the same French classes will be offered at the same  price
  • Decreased liability for members: a company limited by guarantee limits the liability  of members to a small amount of money (usually less than $20). An incorporated  association (the AFC’s current corporate form) means members are liable for the  amount of their membership fee (currently $60)

How does the proposed transition work?  

  • A new Constitution is drafted for Members to consider 
  • An email will be sent to every member with links to information about the  Constitution, a notice of the proposed motion, and a copy of the draft Constitution - A notice of a Special General Meeting to discuss the proposed change is sent to all  Members 
  • A Special General Meeting will be held on May 25th 2022, where members can vote on  whether or not they agree with the proposed transition 

I have more questions – who should I ask?  

  • If you have further questions about the proposed change to the Alliance’s  Constitution, please send your queries to the enquiries@afcanberra.com.au mailbox before 18 May 2022, and we will respond as soon as possible. 

Documents to read about the Special General Meeting - click on the link to access the documents

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