Music and radio

You can improve your French pronunciation by listening to French radio/podcasts, or just develop your knowledge of French culture thanks to Francophone songs. 
All the images come from the websites, none of the credits belong to the AF.

Arte Concert

Explore a fantastic selection of concerts from electro to classical, jazz to world music, live and on demand. 

France TV & Spectacles

Discover an exciting and diverse selection of show and concerts. 

Mix Laurent Garnier

Also known as Choice, Laurent Garnier is a French electronic music producer and DJ. In March 2020 he decided to stream a 7-hour mix on Soundcloud to continue to share his music regardless of the situation.

Philarmonie de Paris

Includes classical, contemporary, world music, as well as concerts especially tailored for children. Turn on the sound and enjoy!

Radio France International

Stay up to date thanks to their broad variety of records. On a daily basis, RFI covers a story making headlines in France (Focus on France) and each weekend they broadcast a story on the world of French culture (Culture in France).