Press and literature

Make progress by reading in French! This can both develop your reading skills by improving your vocabulary, and also develop your knowledge of French literature.
All the images come from the websites, none of the credits belong to the AF.

Bibliothèque nationale de France

A free website gathering millions of documents. No subscription needed, all documents can be downloaded, and you have access to plenty of fields of study from sociology to history or sciences.

Lire en ligne

The specificity of this website on which you can find lots of books is that you can also publish your own stories for free. 

LCF Magazine

Lcf is the first magazine for Francophile French speakers. Both educational and informative, this new magazine is aimed at all those who like reading in French.

Bibliothèque en ligne TV5 Monde

TV5 offers a free access to more than 200 classical books of the Francophone literature, available on multiple supports, such as ereaders, tablets, smartphones or computers.

Polar FLE

If you like polars, just click on the link below and work on your French while having fun!

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