Looking for a dictionary, an app, or even a website on which you can find a bit of every type of resources (audio/video documents, games, etc)? Check out this page!
All the images come from the websites, none of the credits belong to the AF.

Réseau Canopé

This website (in French) offers you articles, audio documents, photos, video, educational activities, ... 


An amazing source of exercises, records, cartoons, ... organized per level.

Lexique FLE

Help you improving your French with activities. You will discover new vocabulary by clicking on the pictures. Each word is associated to a sound in order to help you with the pronunciation. You can also practice with diverse exercises on the same theme.

Online encyclopedia and dictionary TV5 Monde

TV5 provides an online French Encyclopaedia and Dictionary covering definitions and synonyms, as well as English/ French and French/ English translations. In the French language section on TV5 you can also have fun testing yourself with conjugation tables, games (including crosswords or word searches), quizzes and the dictations of famous literary critic Bernard Pivot (with corrections).