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Discover all the recurrent events of the Alliance de Canberra

Recurring Events

Book Club

For the past few years now, the AF Canberra has been holding a book club, twice a month (on Tuesdays and Saturdays). The idea is simple: all book club members read the same French book before their monthly meet-up where they discuss the book, its meaning, their impressions and more. You can check the schedule for the next book clubs on the website.

Wine Tasting 

Several times a year, the Alliance Française de Canberra organizes wine tastings. The objective is to make discover French wines during a convivial moment. The wine tasting is accompanied by a typical French aperitif. Join us for these events and learn more about the characteristics of French wines.

Annual Events 

Alliance Française French Film Festival

For more than 30 years the AF Canberra has been organising the AFFFF, the biggest French film festival outside of France. For 4 weeks, Palace Electric Cinema shows about 50 French movies. The AF Canberra organises a prestigious Opening Night with about 500 guests, a Closing Night and various Special Events during these 4 intense weeks. Members of the AF Canberra benefit from discounts on screenings and events. In 2019, we broke our personal record with more than 18,000 sold tickets! 

Fête de la Musique - Music Day

Every year in France since the 1980s, the country celebrates what we call "La Fête de la Musique" that we can translate by "the Music Celebration" and that we, at the AF Canberra, call "Music Day". In France, this event always takes place on the 21st of June (the first day of summer), whereas we always organise Music Day on the Friday as the party ends late at night!
Did you know? Since 2019 we have a new formula: come listen to live music while you enjoy French food from our food court!

Bastille Day

Each year on the 14th of July, France celebrates its National Day, known abroad as "Bastille Day". While in France you can enjoy magnificent fireworks everywhere, here in Canberra you can take part of the annual Bastille Day Event organised by the Alliance française. The type of event changes from one year to the next, we've organised one Bastille Day in a vineyard, parties, galas...
In 2019, we hosted a delicious Bastille Champagne Brunch mixing a typical French breakfast and an Australian brunch, while drinking Champagne and mimosas.

The French Market

In November, come get your Christmas presents at our annual French Market. With more than 20 exhibitors, you'll have many options: food (saucisson, pâté, chocolate, cheese...), drinks (wine, champagne...), hand-made products, books and much more!
On that day, you can also register for French classes with an exclusive discount , available that day only upon registration at the front desk.

BeauJolais Nouveau Gala

Respecting another French tradition, the AF Canberra celebrates the Beaujolais Nouveau, the release of the most popular young wine in France. Happening the third Thursday of November, the way the AF Canberra highlights this special day may vary, but one thing is for sure, it's always a wonderful time!

Christmas Party

Because we never refuse an occasion to party and celebrate together, the AF Canberra organises each year in December its own Christmas Party. In a very friendly atmosphere, come spend the night with friends around a nice buffet where everyone brings their own dessert specialty.
Bonus: to honour the Christmas spirit, bring a gift ($5 maximum) and our Santa Claus will make a random distribution throughout the night!

Special Occasions


The AF Canberra is hosting exhibitions for time to time. We are equipped to hang paintings on the walls and also plinths to display artworks. If you're an artist interesting in exhibiting in our premises, you can send an email HERE.

Sport Events

The AF Canberra is equipped with a big screen, perfect to broadcast important sport events. These events are always free, and because you can't appreciate a good game without food and drinks, our bar is always open... and if the weather is with us, we even cook sausages and veggies on the barbie!
We'll broadcast, as much as possible, all France's games.