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The Alliance Française of Canberra, in partnership with the Au Pair Connexion agency, offers programs for students wishing to live a valuable experience in France. Don't hesitate, enrol and get a one way ticket to an unforgettable journey!

As a student, you can chose between the 2 following programs depending on your expectations. You have until June 10th to register.  (Please note that the file to fill will be provided in English but you will have to fill it in French)

Au Pair France

People aged 18 to 26
French level: A2
Single (without kids)
Driving licence  (optional)

Improve your French level 
Live and work for a host family 

Benefits in exchange of your work
Discover France, its culture
Food and accommodation provided
Receive pocket money of between 80-90€
Take language classes
Get 1 day off/week and a week off/6 months

Registration fees


High School

People aged 14 to 18
French level: B1 (Possibility from level A2)


1 to 12 months 
Improve your French level 
In a French school or high school

Discover France, its culture
Food and accommodation provided
Get a French academic experience
Participate to the school's activities

Registration fees


If you do not have the required French level, you can still take intense French courses at the Alliance Française for at least three weeks before your departure!

Each program requires other costs that will have to be paid afterward. Depending on whether you wish to be in a particular location or not, additional costs may also apply.

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