Placement Tests

The placement tests are in trial version. If you feel the course you enrolled in is not suited for you, please contact our front desk immediately.

To choose a course for your level, please follow advice below:

For conversation and mid-term classes:
- Choose Beginner Conversation or French for Travelers course if you can:

  • introduce yourself and introduce someone
  • understand ads and basic spoken instructions
  • understand basic short texts
  • fill in a form with personal details
  • answer basic questions
  • ask basic questions
  • interact in French to buy something and pay

- choose Conversation Pre-Elementary if you can:

  • realize easy daily tasks in French (interact with a shopkeeper for a purchase, make inquiries, take public transportation, etc.)
  • using most common polite forms of address and dialogues
  • talk about your likes and dislikes and explain
  • understand a personal letter / email and answer (to thank, invite, apologize, accept or refuse an invitation)
  • understand information to direct yourself

- choose Conversation Elementary if you can:

  • tell a past or future event
  • understand a basic conversation
  • link sentences with connecting words such as "et", "mais", "parce que", "d'abord", "ensuite", etc .
  • describe your daily life and close environment (hobbies, work, family, friends)

- choose Conversation Intermediate if you can:

  • tell an event, an experience, a dream
  • describe a hope, a project, a goal
  • give your opinion and justify with arguments
  • express feelings
  • express agreement and disagreement and explain why
  • understand important elements of the news (a newspapers article, an TV news extract or a radio programme extract)
  • make hypothesis, give advice, make suggestions
  • convince someone
  • get by in an unforeseen situation that can occur in daily life, at work or on holiday
  • organize a presentation or a speech in a logical and structured manner

- choisissez Conversation Advanced si vous pouvez:

  • défendre votre opinion en donnant des arguments et des exemples
  • développer votre point de vue et parler des avantages et des inconvénients
  • exprimer la cause et la conséquence
  • convaincre quelqu’un
  • vous autocorriger quand vous faites une erreur
  • prendre des notes
  • reformuler une idée et expliquer l’implicite
  • comprendre l’essentiel d’un document d’actualité

- choisissez Histoire des Villes, Mouvements Artistiques ou Perfectionnement si vous pouvez:

  • comprendre une grande gamme de textes longs et exigeants, ainsi que saisir des significations implicites.
  • vous exprimer spontanément et couramment sans trop apparemment devoir chercher vos mots ;
  • utiliser la langue de façon efficace et souple dans sa vie sociale, professionnelle ou académique ;
  • vous exprimer sur des sujets complexes de façon claire et bien structurée et manifester son contrôle des outils d’organisation, d’articulation et de cohésion du discours.

For textbook classes:
- if you have 20 hours or less French, please choose a Beginner 1 course (term 4) or a French for Travelers course (mid-term 3).
- if you are a new student with Alliance Française de Canberra please proceed to our online placement test below.

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