Books/ CDs
A whole range of tools for classes such as Grammar, Vocabulary, Conjugation books, Dictionary and more are available to all students.
Concours George Vincent
Since 1973, the Alliance Française de Canberra has run the Concours George Vincent for ACT students learning French as a foreign language, and awarded prizes to the best students from Years 8 to 12 and francophone.
Evening and day classes, Saturday express classes, conversation, pronunciation, grammar workshops, French language proficiency diplomas and its preparation workshops!
Cultural Events
Book and pay for your French events online!
You want to add value to your French skills or join a French university? Take the DELF DALF! These exams are recognised everywhere in the world and valid for life!
Alliance Française membership is available to all members of the Canberra community aged 18 years or over and is a requirement for those 18 and over enrolled in Alliance classes.
Music Day 2019
Private Tuitions
Learn French at your own pace! We offer tutoring to adults, children and teenagers of all levels of French proficiency.
Registration Fees
For young learners, a junior enrolment fee is required & is valid for 12 months. Young learners are issued a card and receive an annual renewal notice.

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