Workshop and Dinner "Experience Quebec"

$95.00 AUD
Approx $66.22 USD


It’s spring! For many French Canadians, springtime means walking through slushy snow and shedding their winter gear…before making their way to the Sugar Shack. On November 6th, join us in celebrating Quebec’s maple syrup tradition dating back to the first settlers of la Nouvelle France. There may not be a single maple grove in Australia, but there sure is a place to share a hearty meal, indulge that sweet tooth with maple treats, enjoy folkloric Quebec music and learn about a 400-year old culture that in many ways feels like Australia turned on its head.

So: Attache ta tuque pi viens-ten!

with Emilie MacIsaac

(From Upper Intermediate level)

Dinner with our partner La Baguette by R&M


Free apéritif drink provided

Pea soup served with a turkey chiffonade

Maple syrup crêpes

Coffee & Tea